I’ve been working on a refinance for awhile now. Historically low rates prompted me. So I looked around for the best rates. I narrowed it down to Amerisave and one other, eventually landing on Amerisave. It was a mistake. They had great rates and some searches told me they are legitimate, but the process is terrible. I should have listened.

I did some basic inquiries and Blake Dahlka called me. I had no idea who was calling me, and he started going on and on. I hung up. What the hell, I didn’t ask for them to call me. He followed up with an email. I told him just that, I didn’t ask him to call. I decided to move forward so I gave him a call and we went over some numbers. Cool. Not a great first impression, but whatever.

We went through the process of me filling out all the forms together.

Then day after day, after day I would get emails. We need you to provide x. We need you to provide y. Why couldn’t they just ask me up front? Such a waste of time. I complained to Blake Dahlka about them asking for the same information multiple times, I even told him I wanted out. He pressured me into staying in the process. He didn’t seem to be willing to refund my application fee. So whatever, I went forward. I’m the stupid one.

After being asked for the same documents multiple times and wasting all that time, I was asked to upload pay stubs from the future. And finally… application approved. What fun. It was pretty quiet after that. I pinged him every week or two, asking what the status was. It was fine, until the end.

On February 14th I reached out to check again. Nothing. I replied saying “?” 5 days later. He told me there is a hold up with my condo association on the 19th. I asked him what the consequences are if they do not comply, he told me they HOA is going to meet. I know… he totally ignored my question. I followed up on the 26th asking if this effects my closing date or if there are other options. Again, radio silence.

So I sent him an email over the weekend, it wasn’t as nice. Monday came and he told me if there isn’t a resolution today the loan will be canceled. They rejected it an hour or two later.

Now my beautiful mortgage rate is lost. Blake refused to respond, while I was trying to go above and beyond working with the HOA to make sure it didn’t fall through and he stole that from me. I think it’s negligence and I am doing everything I can to seek justice. I have reported Blake Dahlka to the California board that certifies him to work on loans here. I filed a complaint with Amerisave. I’ve left bad reviews of course, but I am somewhat helpless. Next I am going to be looking into bringing them to court. They cost me thousands of dollars and it effects my credit report, making it more difficult to apply for another (less attractive) mortgage.

I don’t know if Amerisave are scammers or what, I’ll have to watch my credit reports closely for awhile and see. I should have refused to go forward with all the red flags. What a mess. The best I can hope for is that I can recover some of the damages they have cost.