What could be Dave Chappelle’s final comedy special landed on Netflix recently and the internet is angry. This in itself should be no surprise, everyone always has a problem with what everyone else is doing and they need to stop it; however, the logic is beyond flawed.

The L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community is who is especially upset this time. The majority of his special was about said community and their heads are exploding. There are a few fair criticisms, especially around his misuse of the word gender, what Dave was saying is fact is indeed not gender, but sex. Assuming he did not mean to use the incorrect term, it’s still not that simple, not everyone is purely male or female. But for a group of people who demand tolerance they should understand the terms sex and gender were are probably still are largely used interchangeably. Quite frankly, arguing about using the wrong term or that not everyone is male or female is pedantic. Someone used the wrong term, okay? So? And the overwhelming majority of people are male or female, so people say that there are two sexes. Language is complex and it’s perfectly acceptable to speak in generalizations like that. People do it every day. “It’s hot outside”, welllll wait a second, you can’t say that because to some people it might not be, screamed the weather justice warriors.

The other major upsetting thing to SJWs is that Dave said he is a “terf”. It’s hard, even with the context what he meant exactly. We know what terfs are, but does he? I personally think it’s more to do with his rejection of people labeling themselves as genders such as xenu, but again, hard to say. It’s hard for me to defend him on this specific point, if he truly knows what it means.

The problem with all of the issues that are taking up is that 99% of them did not watch the entirety of the special. They watched clips and read some tweets. It’s the same problem we have with people “doing their own research” about Corona. By that I mean: they did nothing even close to research. If they did, they would have heard his story about Daphne.

In my opinion, the entire special was more of social commentary on cancel culture, with the end putting a fine tip on it, sharing his story about Daphne. He showed he had tremendous respect for her and she was a friend of his, but she tragically took her life, shortly after defending Dave and being “canceled” for doing so. I don’t think he said definitively that was what caused her to take her own life, but there is a very high chance of it.

So the point of the standup was really: cancel culture takes lives. And what did the SJWs do? Try to cancel Dave. If only they had actually listened to what he was saying, but they were too triggered after hearing a trans joke that they went straight to the offence. But you know, taking context out of things makes it easier to be objective /s.

As Chappelle mentioned, there are claims of punching down, but again the internet warriors did not listen. It was very much punching down on poor Daphne. Hundreds and thousands of people attacking one person is punching down, that is undeniable. But what do they choose to do? Instead of listening to the message of how they mostly likely caused Daphne to kill herself, they do exactly the same thing to Dave. I’m not saying they are equivalent, the circumstances are different (notice how I actually take context into account?), but they don’t differ much. Thousands versus one.

To be honest, I didn’t find much of the special funny and more like social commentary. The majority of comedy is social commentary though. I never thought of it that way is one of the pillars of comedy. Simply saying it was not funny does not make it hate speech. These same people laughed when Dave made fun of other marginalized groups and there was no outrage, because it wasn’t about them. Sorry, but you clearly do not understand what comedy is and if you can’t handle it, get out of the kitchen.

To wrap out here is what I find to be hypocritical:

  • The claim of punching down, then ganging up on someone.
  • Laughing about his jokes about black people, but not about their marginalized group.
  • Wanting to be considered equals to every other group, but then getting upset when people joke about their group.
  • Saying people do not understand what it’s like to be marginalized then failing to understand what comedy is.
  • Saying Amy Schumer is funny.

It is 100% clear they do not want to be equals, they want more rights. They want to be free of criticism, even when they responsible for people taking their lives. They want to be free from being made fun of, like everyone else, even though they want to be equal to everyone else. They want to be able to ignore context, but understand theirs. They want to divide, like most people in this country.

Learn to take a joke.