I’ve had these problems with the condo association where I live for awhile. They more or less don’t do anything. They asked me to be patient with the last request (removing a fence so I can park in my spot) so 4 months later I re-opened the request. I didn’t expect it would lead to the president of the HOA moving.

I gave them 7 days to start an IDR or internal dispute resolution with me. By law they have 30 days, but I didn’t think that’s fair after waiting for 4 months and they have a history of not doing anything (see not fixing this problem after 4 months), so I pushed.

They said no, they have 30 days. No way… you won’t budge after all of my waiting? So I made a website. The url is baity and the message is simple: the president needs to be fired. I wrote how they have done nothing about 3 issues I’ve had. Some of those issues have been going on for over 6 months! They always claim they can’t do anything (they can) or just do nothing. I then printed some horizontal signs on paper “X needs to be fired. He neglects his duties and ruins lives. {WEBSITE LINK}. I put one on my door, on my window, and 2 where people enter an exit. The next morning the two at the ingresses were gone.

I knew what they could legally do, because I read the law. Over and over again. This also helped me learn what I can do. Luckily in California HOAs are not as strong as in other states. They can’t stop me from publishing signs / banners in certain areas if they are within certain dimensions.

We had some more back and forth and he kept pushing back. He libeled me and he was called out for it. As much as I hate conflict, I need to see it through. I ripped everything he said apart. He made 4 points or so and I corrected him on 3. Oh, he was claiming I was borderline harassing him and putting up signs is “weird”. I said: “nah, not doing your job within 4 months is weird.”

I wasn’t done though, I am getting deeds and other records pulled, trying to find any place I have leverage. He basically told me to wait until next week before he gives me a date, after the 7 days I demanded. No way. I told him you have until Saturday or a big street facing banner is going up. No response. The banner was ordered.

So now there are signs on my door, window, and a street facing sign that hangs from my balcony. All of the people walking by can read about his negligence. I warned him. I didn’t want it to come to this. But he just kept digging his heels after all of that time. I refuse to be treated like that, I respect myself too much.

After not hearing anything back for a few days some people showed up with a camera. Whoa. Cops? Lawyers? I checked my camera and saw a distinct “R” on one of their shirts. Realtors. Oh… Okay then… let’s check the interwebs. Zillow showed nothing, but since they are “Realtors”, I checked their site: “coming soon”.

It’s such a crazy story, with so much more detail, but I can’t say I saw this coming. Instead of removing a fence you are going to move?! It’s priced pretty aggressively too, on absolutely lowest end of Zillow’s estimates. It seems like he wants to get out of here quick. It’s probably a stupid move given the market here, he can get way over asking, but hey that’s the kind of guy he is. Stupid.

And that’s how you get your neighbor to move. Don’t give up, learn the laws and use them to their full potential. Apparently it’s enough to make some people pack their things up and leave town.