I was talking with some friends the other day about how Twitch doesn’t promote the under-privileged. One person made the claim that the front page is all white men, but as everyone scrambled to check not one person found that to be true, but the opposite.

First of all, Twitch has a viewership of ~75% males, who will they relate to? Males. Why promote anything else, from a business sense? But they do… almost no “cis white males” make it to the front page, so it’s all in your head, bud.

Second of all, the shit this guy said was OUTRAGEOUS. As we were all trying to understand the problem, he said something along the lines of “a bunch of white guys can’t solve the problem”. Oh. So a bunch of white guys are in power, but they don’t have the power to solve the problem? That makes zero fucking sense. This is why I am done engaging.

If you are going to scream injustice and cry about racism, but then tell white people to fuck off, then fuck you. That’s fucking racist and divides us. Yeah, I don’t want to help anymore, because I’m sick of people like this. How dare you cry there is a divide then dismiss the people trying to help, because they are white and male.

Good luck out there. I hope you find the unity you seek by being racist. Get fucked.