Unfortunately this will be permanent, but I’ve give everyone their chances… many times. I’m probably the fool. The whole fool me once thing, but whatever. This story is about “TomTuffnuts”, “The Kaged Titan”, and Twitch in general.

I met Tom 3 years ago or so. My old Unreal Tournament team had gone to shit, no one had heart anymore. So I left XiS in search of the next best thing. We had played together for 15 years. It was a good run. We dominated UT, CS, and Rust, but one small mishap and Soulrain was done. I came up with a plan to fix things, he was like… nah. Okay. So I jumped ship. You don’t win by pouting and letting others take your crown.

So I got into Twitch around that time. Enter Mr Ticklez. What a name. He was nasty at Fortnite though. So I started to learn and got really good at it. We eventually partnered up and as a duo team we had a 75% win rate. E.Z. But I found out the truth about him. He loves cheating on his wife. After a disappearance I did some detective work. He tried to spin it another way, but he was in the wrong, hands down. And his friend LiftLiftGame was the same as him. They are both sociopaths. They will do anything to come out on top, but in a bad way.

Well they had a friend “TomTuffnuts” aka Jeremy, who was always a bit of a character. In the middle of that it started to grow on me and I sided with him. He was honest and open. He wasn’t like them at all and he’s naturally good at games. I was in.

We played games together pretty much every day for a few years, to his detriment. His wife always got upset that he was never helping around the house or with the kids. We aligned morally on many things, but he always found ways to betray myself and the community. More on that later. He reports to no one, in my opinion. He’s just going to do whatever he feels like, regardless of the consequences. I respect that, but not when it affects me.

A bajillion spats and makeups brought us to today. He wasn’t there when Kaged said he would change the rules, but he took credit for my work. Kaged wanted to play 5v5 League of Legends custom games with completely random teams. A terrible idea when we have people who are basically brand new to could-almost-be-pros. So I said nah. And he wouldn’t back down until it was game time and no one would show. Not mad at Tom for taking credit, he doesn’t know, but that will follow.

So as all of that was going on I said in his discord “Ham and myself are playing fun games if anyone wants to join” as a troll, and Kaged kicked me out. Fair, I guess, but grow a dick. I laughed and posted it in Tom’s discord and told Tom. Tom said something along the lines of “I stepped away and didn’t see it, but I won’t get in the middle of it”. Okay. Cool.

You don’t want to hear it and don’t care. Fantasy land again. He will abandon one of the few people who has stuck with him through thick and thin because he doesn’t want to hear it. Fine. Well I abandon you too then. If my problems are too much of an inconvenience then have fun with the retard that plays Brand top. Have fun with the guy who thinks completely random teams are a good idea. If you can’t be arsed, I can’t be either.

So I told him “cool”. And that “I would never has his back either”. It’s not always a matter of being right or wrong. It’s a matter of having the back of your friends, because at the end of the day… it’s all you have. So he can have fun with the 1.5 people that show up to play games with him. I’ll find my own path with people that know how to listen and want to help their friends.

Good luck Jeremy and Kaged. I hope you find salvation together in your Brand top games, but this was the last straw for me. And good luck sucking the teats of nightwish fans. They are as garbage as the band is. I’ve been burned too many times. So much for bros. Adios.