On the weekends I use DoorDash to order smoothies for breakfast, a nice treat and break from the grind. I’ve always had a high level of expectation in their services – if I am going spend $15 (plus tip) for a drink, the service and experience better be top-notch. But my problem today cannot be categorized as service or high expectations, my driver today was straight up hostile.

It was supposed to be a contactless delivery. Most drivers give a couple of knocks or ring the bell once, they take a picture of the delivery, and I am notified in the app and by text that the delivery is complete. My driver today decided it was a good idea to rapidly ring my doorbell and pound on my security door. I don’t know how to interpret it other than him being hostile or aggressive. It’s not exactly a great feeling nonetheless, and I think it’s safe to say many people wouldn’t feel safe opening the door for this psychopath.

I used DoorDash’s support channel, and their automated bot told me they will address it with the driver. They didn’t see the video I am going to share. The driver will just say nope, everything went great. So I contacted a human in support and they told me the same thing as the bot. Okay… I don’t think you understand. So I told them, what am I supposed to do here? Make this a public issue? They were like no no no, we will give you a $10 credit for my “frustration”. Frustration? Listen my guy, someone you employee just showed up at my house and started acting like he was going to break into my house. I am not frustrated, I’m terrified. What kind of people do you hire? And how in the world does a $10 credit make that disappear?

They just didn’t get it. I gave them a few more opportunities to escalate the issue of their driver impersonating Michael Myers, but all they could say is they will talk to the driver and “make sure this will never happen to me again”. Nah. You won’t. You didn’t see what happened, because you wouldn’t watch my video proof. And there is nothing to talk about, only firing to do.

I’ve canceled my account. I’ve always been unimpressed by the quality of service when paying $15 for a smoothie, but this takes the cake. They should be kissing my doormat for that price, before placing the drink on it, not trying to break down my door. The video is here: