The CS majors ended recently and they always get me wanting to play again, so I have been. I’ve been trying to have fun with it, with mixed results. I was pretty frustrated with the lag compensation (see previous post), but I’ve been working through it. Skill-wise I’ve been getting back into form, but match making has been… less than ideal.

I was ranked as a silver, which is crazy – I used to be global, so maybe my expectations are out of whack. But judging by how some random shit-tier player can randomly 1 tap you while running across the map, the bar has been raised a lot since I used to play. Well sort of. It seems like I get a bunch of zero talent fucks on my team.

Some games are fine. My team communicates, there’s at least one other decent player, it’s fine. But so many things can and often go wrong.

Cheaters: Obviously. Bruh, I played at a top level in CS, UT, and FN. I know when you’re walling and botting. I don’t know why you pretend you aren’t. And 9 times out of 10 when I call them out they go to shit. Weirrddd. It’s almost like they don’t want to get caught and they turn it down or off. It’s nothing new for CS though, no game has more cheaters.

People that don’t talk: CS has always been a game where people use their mics, but I’ve been in so many games where no one does, at all. The newish ping system is probably partially to blame. But when I’m carrying a team and die a few times in a row because people are too scared to use their vocal cords, I just peace out. Fuck my elo. I want to win. If you don’t want to then play casual.

Toxic players: nothing new for CS. It’s always been the most toxic game. Sorry, but LoL isn’t toxic. LoL is just children crying you didn’t make an awful dive under tower with them at level 1 and people that quit after dying once. But man… I was called an “n word lover” yesterday. I played with this virgin TWICE and he thinks he is the best player alive (of course). He also thinks he’s the IGL and doesn’t let people play. Time to clutch? He’s going to tell you exactly how to play, play-by-play, and if you don’t he calls you a retard. I had enough and TK’ed him. He went off how he’s the best player on the team… out scores were similar, but my ADR was 120 and his was 60. Yeah, not even close buddy.

“IGLs”: very similar, but people with absolutely zero talent come hot out of the gate trying to make calls. RUSH B! That’s not a play, idiot. That’s rushing to your death via a choke point. DonT SToP eVen IF TheY MoLlY n NAdE. Nah. Yeah, let’s all start off the round with 0-30 HP against a team with 100. Just shut the fuck up, please. What really got me today was some kid who was trying to do it over text. Please, kid. You can barely find your way out of spawn and are too scared to speak, but you magically know the best “play” to make? Nah. Go play valorant.

Maps; Jesus christ they have done everything they can do to ruin them. It was happening before I left, but it just get worse. Dust 2 was fine, then they ruined the doors. Now CTs can just rush you without you being able to see them. Cool meta. At least mirage and cache are still in good shape, but ancient?! It’s a COD map. It’s designed to be able to be shot from anywhere, in the back. Gross.

Those are some of the problems, but this rank thing is out of control. I have a 1.5 - 2.0 HLTV rating almost every game and I’m stuck with these people. If I look at my leetify account (which I have been doing often) my aim if off the charts in every dimension compared to every other player. It’s rare even people way higher ranked that I play against have better stats than me, but here I am. Coll game Valve. Please fix.