I wanted to pause judgment for a few minutes and give some respect to the CDPR folks. After my initial review, I kept playing because why not? What else is there to do on the next gen consoles? I could have gone back to Forza Horizons 4, but I felt more like pushing through. And the story got crazy.

I don’t want to give spoilers, but things get intense after meeting Keanu. It held my attention enough to put spider solitaire on my phone down, and then it got even crazier. Okay, I was sold. I was thinking the first x amount of time was just to get people acclimated, it was kind of the right amount of time (for me) to get used to a console again. I also tend to play games at a slower pace than most, I am very risk adverse, so maybe they did nail that part (outside of the boring story and broken everything). Don’t get me wrong, my past criticism are still valid, in my opinion, but I can get of some things if the game is good enough.

And it caught me. It caught me for a few hours. Oh shits were flying out of my mouth, a good Dr. Phil show was unfolding before my eyes. And then it fell of off again. I don’t know in what world good story telling is building up for a climax just to do nothing. Maybe with the amount of dildos in the game, it’s some tantric thing, but that has yet be seen. It’s been decent post-meeting-Keanu. I’d give it a C, or something, but that hour or so was A+.

So maybe it has potential. Maybe there is hope. Hell if I know, I will have to play more and see, but I’m kind of sort of hopeful. If most of the attention was put into the main story, I could see that. It’s cool by me.

I wanted to say it actually feels more like a Fallout than anything. I get hints of GTA (of course) and any other sandbox game, but the whole choose your adventure thing changed my mind, in what I should compare it to. Still tall shoes to fill, but different ones. I also did notice a lot of respect paid to MGS. That’s cool, I guess… if you like that sort of thing. But I did want to point that out.

All in all, it still crashes once a day, there are still a ton of bugs and user experience pitfalls, but the story might, maybe pull it all together after all. I’ll try to check back in after a few more days and see if that’s true.