A buddy of mine just got a new gaming laptop and said he was having fun playing and encouraged me to get it, so I did. I actually tried previously, on the Xbox app, but it glitched out and never downloaded (not surprised) so this time I grabbed it on Steam. I wanted to give it a fair shake, even though I knew it probably wouldn’t be for me. Well it’s not, but I’m also not sure who it is for.

I tried a training match and someones computer just never loaded, so I didn’t get to play. I had to close the game and relaunch. Great start! Great second start? If you count the Xbox fail. So I jumped into a quick match. CTF! Cool. That’s a decent mode. What the living fuck? The guns are super inaccurate. If you pick up a sniper it takes THREE SKILL SHOTS IN THE FACE to kill someone?! Fucking. Trash. So you get to choose between RNG or basically never being able to kill anyone. Cooooool. I did great, despite all that. I managed something like a 20-10 KDR.

The next map was some mode where you hold a ball and gain points as you do, but you can’t shoot. I assume this was stolen from WoW. But it felt even worse. It was a closed map, unlike the previous, and people just spam grenades that are super over powered. I think they kill you in 1 hit. But I started to realize the movement felt terrible. For an arena shooter, it’s so. damn. slow. You can get little single use boosts and whatnot, but whaattt? Oh wait, you can slide… cool. It made me think it’s a wanna be Unreal Tournament that plays like a COD, taking the worst of both. Don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty is straight garbage, but I think they made it even worse somehow.

The maps are just bad. They are either way too open or way too small. Since they are often too small 80% of your deaths will be walking out of spawn and someone is already shooting at you from one of the 80 angles. I roll my eyes almost every time I die.

So my buddy told me to play team slayer. Oh… it’s… better! No shields and radars, and grenades. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo after killing 3 players (again, like CoD). I crushed. My friend asked what my accuracy was. I didn’t check, so next game I did. 40 something percent. Wait, what? I played a few more and 40-50% almost every time. Wowwww. I was one of the best UT players of all time and no one, myself included would often break 33% in sniper arena, and it’s basically the welfare equivalent.

Why is this? The gun shoots in a burst and if any of the bullets hit you get the kill. So you have time, while shooting to adjust a bit and get the kill. YIKES. It’s like being able to run and jump an AWP in CS:GO while it fires a small grouping of bullets. And people think the AWP is broken. Wow. So it’s really not difficult for a skilled player to break 50% accuracy, which means a mediocre player can easily hit 25%, meaning a bunch of trash players are running around accidentally instantly killing you, as you spawn in their sights.

What a game! So it begs the question: who is this for? I guess for people who want a futuristic CoD. Run around like an idiot spamming guns, accidentals spawn killing kids, and feel good you did something. I highly doubt they will re-balance much, so this game will go down as a hot pile of trash, like every other shooter that’s come out (except CS:GO) in the last 10 years. Wake me up when you make something worthwhile.