I’ve used r/javascript for awhile to keep up with news, but I think I’m done. It seems like every comment I make, no matter how objectively correct gets down voted to hell. It’s the javascript community as a whole in concentrated form… a bunch of ill-informed idiots.

I guess I have this issue with developers in general. Once they learn they can create things from nothing they get a god complex, but are secretly frail. They can’t see high enough over their egos to admit they don’t know everything and insist they are right. But they in secret are panicking. They have NO idea solve a problem so they subscribe to what they are being told. Use Angular, not use React, no use Svelt. Why? Evangelists. These “engineers” are too stupid to understand they are literally being sold technology and because they are so afraid to admit they don’t know and too stupid to form a critical thought, they drink it all up. It’s basically a TED Talk or conference. The whole thing is actually a sales pitch in disguise, but again, they are too stupid to realize it.

Yet, these same people will sink with the ship, they are too proud to admit they crashed into an iceberg. It’s how stupid people work in general. They are the loudest and proudest.

What I am referring to in this case was a post about how much time people spend a day programming. The top answer is from one of the regular retards who thinks they know everything. He said as a lead: 2-3 hours. WHAT?????!!! You’re absolute trash at your job if you only can find that much time a day to code, I’m sorry (I’m not).

I’ve worked as a lead at the top engineering firm in Boston, as a lead at the top agency in Boston, as a staff level engineer at one of the biggest tech companies, as a CTO. I have been doing this for 20+ years and started as the second youngest at a giant tech company. I’ve been programming since I was 5. You are wrong. If you are so poor at managing your time as a lead, you’re hot garbage at your job, period. But what do I know?

Posts are deleted and people scolded on the regular for asking questions. “Go use r/LearnJavascript”. No. It’s THE javascript sub reddit. And “learn javascript” is indicative of not knowing the language, not not knowing how to understand or solve one small problem. It’s insane they treat people like that. If they want it to be only about the latest news then make r/JavascriptNews, that would make much more sense. But no, egos, again.

Done with you autists. Have fun learning nothing, refusing to help others, and jerking off to yourselves. Adios :)