I advocated against my new startup using Remix for our project, but the other dev (who does nothing) and him won that argument via votes. The CTO loves the tech because forms are used “natively” and it’s heavily server side rendered. The tech is new though and it’s by the guys who make react router. The package famous for making breaking changes and adopting philosophies that are trash. I stuck with an old version forever for a reason…

I wrote up my reasons against it, advocated in person when we met, and I lost. Now we are facing issue after issue. :Pickachu surprised face: You mean to say bleeding (or maybe cutting) edge tech isn’t mature and has a lot of problems? OMG! How?!

If you’re using a mono repo, referencing a TYPE not even a function can include the whole backend into the front end and boom.

And you’d have no idea when writing the code, because they are stupid and use esbuild instead of typescript.

And then we wanted to make dynamic page titles. They give you a way to set a page title, but it isn’t aware of the data loaded, so nope.

And THEN I was making an view/edit component. The idea is when you on the details page of some entity you can click edit on a section, edit, and save. Guess what? Boom. It breaks. It causes so many re-renders (despite memoization efforts) that it breaks everything, nice. Saving causes FOUR re-renders, so it triggers the parent components to re-render as well, and if you add ANY logic (like exiting edit mode in this case) React blows up and says WTF, why are you trying to re-render 116 times in less than a second?

There was an issue logged about it, but the team was like yeah, it’s supposed to re-render 4 times per save, duh. Surprizing given they are the team behind react router, right? /s

Ugh. So I made a new system for forms, bypassing half the reason to use the framework (native forms, the other is heavy SRR) and we will see what the others say. What’s the point of using an immature system? I don’t get it.

Yet, I am being criticized for using “old patterns, with new tech”. LOL. It’s almost like tried and true works. Following “trends” is bullshit. Do what works, not what’s “cool”.

In any case, I’m gunning to take over as the head of engineering. He can keep his “CTO” role, I just want to take over this shit to stop the bleeding. We do NOT have time to re-write all of this… but if I can take over I will do my best after hours.

This retard actually wants to die on the hill of immature and new tech to the point it will sink this start up. I’m shocked.