What is popular sucks. It’s more or less useless, unless your IQ is room temperature. I watched what unfolded, live, all of it. The soon to be not president called for violence, I guess, and DC went to shit. Proud boys rushed the capitol building, their virginity in hand, and the cops did… nothing. Days after, those people are being found to be terrorists. Yeah.

The left cried. They always do. Terrorists! They are, I don’t deny it. The inequality is ass as best. They broke into federal buildings and one person got shot. Meanwhile, fighting for racial equality, how many years later? is met with tear gas and bullets, while on the sidewalks, within the limits of law.

The right cried after. Why am I on the do no fly list? Why am I being labeled a domestic terrorist? I only stormed the capitol building and broke in. Why? Okay. Yeah, I wonder why, too.

Then it all progressed. Trump was banned from Twitter. Oh no, the travesty. How will his loyal cucklords know what he ate for breakfast? Travesty. Travesty. The fearless “leader” of the white supremacists took an arrow to the knee. And he wanted to tell everyone, but it’s not a video game from 2011, that has been remade 14 times, so he couldn’t. Oh no.

The left celebrated and the right cried, again. Does anyone do anything but cry? Who knows, their tears are all we can see. The left cheered. Impeach again! Impeach again! Like that did anything the last time. Yeah, cool, go for it. But shut up about it, if it’s meaningless and brings no change. Oh, but he can be so much more destructive the next few weeks, he needs out. Bruh? Where have you been? The divide between good and evil was made clear YEARS ago. The damage was done YEARS ago.

What is this dog and pony show? It’s beyond useless. Oh wait, the right started crying about corporations having too much power. DUH. YOU made that happen, idiots. Corporations buying politicians didn’t start on the other side, it happened on yours. I guess it was cool when it was in your favor. But it’s time for your wake up call.

Gerrymandering and the electoral collage can no longer save you. Even Texas is becoming blue, the stronghold of racist, I mean… American ideals. Good luck with that.

Here’s the deal: lefties: Stop. You suck at claiming victories. Trump should have been banned from everything more than 4 years ago. Right cucks: I’m sorry your mothers never loved you, but you’re still virgins. No one wants to have sex with you because you’re disgusting in every way imaginable.

And to everyone else… the (less than) 1% of people who can think for themselves… wow. What a shit show. Being on either side is popular, but I hope you’re with me when I say I want nothing to do with it. Uselessness would be an amazing sentiment to either side, but we all know even that is far fetched. Being on either side can be summarized as smelling your own asshole all day, if we want to be generous about it. Both sides are popular. Both sides are useless. Get me out of this hell hole. I don’t want to be popular, I haven’t showered in weeks.