Reddit is basically shutting down and I’ve been bored, so I decided to find some programming discords. The biggest one was The Coding Den, so I joined.

It wasn’t too bad at first. Muted a few channels I don’t care about, and I started helping people with coding and hardware. But my first run in with a mod went south.

I was helping someone who wanted a router. They didn’t seem to know much, but one of the things they were interested in was making their own with opnsense. I told them something like the only downside is BSD doesn’t have the best hardware support. And a mod struck. The exchange went something like this:

Mod: BSD has perfectly good hardware support.

Everyone: (I ignored it for now) and we chatted and helped the guy.

Me: But be careful, all consumer routers die within a year or two.

(Okay, ALL of them don’t. Sometimes we get lucky)

Mod: That’s exaggerating, don’t share false info.

Me: It’s not. I’ve been in IT and CS since I was a little kid.

Mod: Mine has lasted for years, so there.

(Okay… cool bro?)

We helped some more then I posted 2 links. One was to reddit about how routers ALWAYS die on people. The other was about the experience with the i225 driver, it took them like a year and a half to get it working.


I helped a bunch more people and I was later explaining hoisting, scoping, arrow functions, etc because the other person did a terrible job.

Me: Arrow functions are the standard now.

Mod2: No they aren’t. There’s a place for function expressions and always will be.

Me: I explained earlier they have a place in classes.

Mod2: No, they are a standard.

Me: Not at any top tech company.

Mod2: You’re wrong blah blah.

Me: Okay

Random person: He’s right, everyone uses arrow functions.

Me: Yep.

Random person: look AirBnB must not be a top tech company, because they use them.

Mod: Here are code examples from Facebook, Google, and AirBNB.

Me: Those are example of function declarations, not function expressions, so you’re just proving my point.

Random person: do you even know the difference?

I posted a link and was about to post another and I was “banished” or whatever they call it. I can’t talk any where except in general or something.


So? They are FINE and I was about to post others…

Then a mod messaged me from their mod mail thing, asking if I’m always going to argue. I told them if they are going to try and pass lies and truths, then yes. They said thanks for confirming and fully banned me.

Okay, so…

Mod 1 picked a fight with me. I was civil and later posted proof he was wrong. He shut up real quick. Mod 2 picked a fight with me and PROVED MY OWN POINT FOR ME and I was banned for pointing that out. Typical low skilled engineers. They have these huge egos and are wrong more often than not, but will die on those hills. They have never worked at a top engineering firm in their lives and they never will those attitudes. Sorry for hurting your egos and sharing the truth, I guess?

TL;DR: Don’t bother with The Coding Den discord. It’s filled with people begging for help and admins on power trips with fragile egos and low IQs. Basically Reddit as a Discord server.